Custom Builds

From 100% custom geometry — with made-in-the-USA brands like Gunnar & Rivendell — to stock geometry, we’ve got ya covered.

Caitlin’s All-City Macho Woman!

Our dear customer & friend Caitlin recently took a tumble on a gravel ride. Being the strong mama that she is, Caitlin recovered quickly — but she decided to build a new bike to banish that bad juju and we couldn’t be more impressed with her choice! Here is the All-City Macho Man, sparkly black & white in a rare 43cm size. This frame has all sorts of beautiful hand-built details — custom head badge, bi-plane lugged fork crown, signature brazed-on seat collar, custom bottom bracket, and bottle boss reinforcements, just to name a few. We can’t wait to build it up for Caitlin, and we can’t wait to share the finished product with you!


Lynskey GR250.

This US-made titanium beauty is poetry in motion.

This is a do-it-all bike; great for gravel and adventure riding. The titanium frame is light and durable, and the GR250 features an exclusive Lynskey carbon gravel fork, thru axle and taller head tube for maximum endurance. It can be outfitted with fenders and racks for extended treks, too!

Whatever it may look like, let us build your dream adventure ride or trusty urban utility bike today.

Dave’s Lynskey GR250.

Brian’s Soma Fog Cutter.