This is the home (temporary or more than that…) that will house info about our Pedal Happy Potlucks, advocacy updates and other events.

This is a group of bike geeks in Omaha that are trying to push the cycling movement! From advocacy, to group rides, this is where you’ll find it. We have a potluck the last Thursday of each month at the Omaha Bicycle Co in Benson. #pedalhappy
The group was started when the need for a fun and casual, yet informational, bike advocacy group was recognized. Many goals, like the creation of a “For Us, By Us” Omaha cycling map, more bike parking and infrastructure in general, and better awareness of the culture in our city all fuel this great group of passionate activists. Join us some time!! Bring a dish or drink to share, along with your ideas of how to improve riding in our fair city. #pedalhappy
Keep tabs with Mode Shift Omaha for what’s up and how you can get involved. There are monthly Coffee Chats and monthly public meetings so you have plenty of opportunities to check it out! Usually on our events tab.
We’ve also started a monthly Monday 5pm Critical/Courteous Mass Ride. The purpose of these rides is to help people traveling by any mode see that people on bicycles are a legitimate part of our transportation system. Yes, most of us use and appreciate the current bike infrastructure…and could use some more! Join us on a ride sometime! See the events page for the current date.