Coffee & Tea

Yes, we’re a specialty coffee and espresso bar, too! Coffee in front, bikes in the back–we call it the retail mullet. Just like on the bike side of things, we want to bring you high quality stuff that we love.

Current Retail Coffee Offerings.
  • Sweet Bloom Costa Rica Santa Maria : mission fig – mixed berries – toffee
  • Sweet Bloom Guatemala Chicol : grape candy – bosc pear – honey
  • Sweet Bloom Guatemala Damian Venabente : raisins – dried apple – caramel
  • Sweet Bloom Hometown Blend : dark chocolate – blackberry – praline
  • Sweet Bloom Ethiopia Duromina : floral bouquet – peach nectar – lemon-lime
  • Sweet Bloom Ethiopia Guji Kercha : lavender – mango – apricot
  • Sweet Bloom Kenya Gatomboya : candied plum – stewed rhubarb – brown sugar
  • Sweet Bloom Kenya Karumandi : fruit punch – papaya – red zinfandel
Limited Edition Summer Drinks. We created a few refreshing beverages to help you stay cool during this hot hot hot summer!
  • black squirrel : cold-brewed espresso, Sprecher root beer & a dash of milk — tastes like a toddy root beer float!
  • crimson cove : refreshingly tart Crimson King tea & hibiscus tea, topped with spicy Bundaberg ginger beer — mmm!
  • lotus blossom : our favorite lime La Croix blended with lime juice, rose & lavender syrup — the perfect tonic for summer fatigue!
  • strawberry patch : classic sparkling lemonade or orangeade with a pop of strawberry — super fresh!
Black Gold. Most of our coffee comes from a roaster we really love — Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters out of Lakewood, Colorado. We are the only shop in Omaha offering Sweet Bloom coffee, and we *love* that we can offer Omaha a menu of rotating, high-quality brews. Our house drip is Hometown, a balanced espresso roast that tastes great black or with a splash of cream. We also use Hometown for our espresso drinks — we love its sweet, mellow profile for all manner of beverages. A rotating list of Sweet Bloom’s single origin selections are available in whole bean, 12oz retail bags. (Beans ground upon request.)

Espresso Bar. Our baristas make excellent drinks (for real!–is it bragging if it’s true?), whether you want a carefully extracted double espresso, or something slightly more labor intensive. Check out our offerings below.
  • espresso : double shot
  • americano : espresso + hot water
  • cappuccino : espresso + steamed milk + foamed milk
  • latte : espresso + steamed milk
  • flavored latte : espresso + flavor syrup + steamed milk
  • mocha latte : espresso + chocolate + steamed milk
  • breve : espresso + steamed half & half
  • coffee : drip, French press, Chemex
  • toddy : cold-brewed coffee concentrate + water + ice
  • toddy latte : cold-brewed coffee + milk + ice
  • chai latte : chai concentrate + steamed milk
  • moonbeam : Huntress tea concentrate + honey & vanilla + steamed milk
  • lavender fog : Earl Grey tea concentrate + lavender + steamed milk
  • lavender smog : espresso + lavender fog concentrate + steamed milk
  • hot cocoa : chocolate + steamed milk + whipped cream
  • steamer : flavor syrup + steamed milk + whipped cream
  • loose leaf tea : black, green, herbal, red, maté
  • hot apple cider
Tea Party. Our out-of-town tea source is Kilogram Tea, originally based out of Chicago. Their classic green & black tea offerings are a fresh & special treat, and their blends consistently delight us. On a local level, we feature several delicious selections from Artemis Teas — these teas are personally blended by clinical herbalist Andrea Comiskey Lawse, based out of the Gifford Park neighborhood. Artemis Teas are available by the cup and in 2oz retail bags.
Pastry Game Strong. We are happy to bring fabulous locally baked goods & pastries to the shop. The wonderful gals at Two Birds Bakery have been supplying us with delicious vegan cookies, cinnamon rolls, muffins & scones for years — you can find them every week on VEGAN VEDNESDAY. On Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays we’re pleased to offer donuts from Scratch Baking Co. (another duo of skilled ladies) with vegan/gluten-free options as well.  If you’re sensing a pattern, it’s true — we partner with some incredibly talented women business owners!

Our shop offers cozy seating inside, a lovely back deck, and free wifi. Oh! And if you’re a business along Maple Street, we deliver by bike ($5 minimum order). Neat, eh?!

Current Teas, Black & Green.
  • Earl Grey (Kilogram) : Yunan black tea with strong bergamot & citrus notes.
  • Emerald Spring (Kilogram) : mild green tea with nutty & buttery flavors.
  • English Breakfast (Kilogram) : smooth black tea with malty body & sugary finish.
  • Huntress (Artemis Teas) : black tea blended with rose, lavender & cassia bark.
  • Jasmine Green (Kilogram) : fragrant blend of green tea & jasmine blossoms.
  • Matcha Genmaicha (Kilogram) : sencha green tea with matcha powder & toasted rice.
  • Stag King (Artemis Teas) : Yunan black tea with elderberry, oak bark & cacao nibs.
  • Yerba Mate (ECOTEAS) : vegetal, grassy alternative to green tea.
Current Teas, Herbal & Caffeine-Free.
  • Blend 333 (Kilogram) : chamomile blossoms, rosehips & peppermint leaf.
  • Blue Crane (Kilogram) : caffeine-free blend of South African rooibos & honeybush.
  • Chamomile (Kilogram) : buttery, apple-scented chamomile blossoms. (organic)
  • Circe (Artemis Teas) : sensuous blend of red teas, red raspberry leaf & damiana
  • Keep Calm & Carry On (Artemis Teas) : herbal blend to restore tranquility, energy & focus.
  • King Crimson (Kilogram) : tart, ruby red blend of hibiscus, citrus & rosehips.
  • Peppermint (Kilogram) : a bright, menthol pick-me-up! (organic)
  • Turmeric Tonic (Kilogram) : pungent blend of turmeric, gingerroot, lemon & lime.
  • Winter Warmer (Fool’s Path Apothecary) : spicy, warming herbal blend for chilly days.