Transportation on two wheels is our passion! No matter the bike, we don’t judge, we’re here to help with your next adventure. Need help finding a route? We’re pretty darn familiar with bike routes all over our fair city and would love to help you get from A to B with ease. E-bike routes and human powered route suggestion will differ (and should!); and we know that difference since we ride both types, year round, as transportation.

Sarah J.

Sarah thinks bikes will change your world, if you let them. She’s pushing the city to embrace bicycles as transportation in addition to recreation & sport. Sarah enjoys community building, pushing for progress at City Hall, event planning, coffee drinking, raising backyard chickens, and trying to get more folks (women in particular!) to incorporate bikes into their daily life here in Omaha. Due to some strange health stuff, she’s become a very knowledgeable e-bike commuter, relying on that technology solely, for about 3 years. She’s grateful that after a 3rd surgery, she no longer neeeeds the help of an e-bike/pedal assist, but is ever-so-grateful for the perspective and appreciation she’s gained during this health experience. After years spent relying on an ebike, she’s decided that an ebike will always be part of her fleet. She and husband Scott, their dogs Bill & Gertie, and 6 chickens, enjoy a 1 car household in Benson. She’s also a founding member of our local transportation equity non-profit, Mode Shift Omaha. Ask her all about it! #pedalhappy #shiftomaha #bikegang #youdownwithobc