All things bicycles — frames, components, accessories and service — find a home here at OBC, alongside delicious coffees, teas & pastries from a variety of quality sources in Omaha. OBC is a space where group rides begin and end, friends meet to geek out about bikes, and the cycling movement in Omaha is pushed forward. Transportation on two wheels is our passion, but then again so is really anything on two wheels — we don’t judge, we’re here to help with your next adventure. Need help finding a route? We’re pretty darn familiar with bike routes all over our fair city and would love to help you get from A to B with ease.

Sarah J.

I think bikes will change your world if you let them. I’m into pushing the city to embrace bicycles as not just recreation but transportation, enjoy event planning, coffee drinking (black like my heart), and trying to get more folks (women in particular!) to incorporate bikes into their daily life here in Omaha. I’m also the Vice Chair of our local transportation equity non-profit, Mode Shift Omaha. Come in and ask me all about it! #pedalhappy #shiftomaha #bikegang

Jim P. aka “the wizard”

DH racer in a previous life, now exploring what Omaha has to offer after relocating here from New Jersey! You’ll see him atop the saddle of his Lynskey OBC Rambler leading our Thursday night group rides. He’s been in the industry turning wrenches for over 20 years and has a real passion for solving complicated bike problems. Try him, he’ll likely find the solution to your weird bike problems…and maybe fabricate a part to aid in the process. Wizard. Fo real.


Barista extraordinaire and merchandising genius! Love our window displays? So do we, thanks to her. She rides a phantom blue Jamis Aurora with a Brooks Flyer and copper accents. On a day off, you’ll find her out in the garden, playing with her family or riding the Wabash Trace.


Forever our shop dog! Even though she’s no longer with us. Loved riding in her Burley Tail Wagon and chasing sticks (and food).